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новая модель 2022 . применение: 70% оффроад / 30% шоссе


Frequently asked for, long wanted and now realized - a tire whose way is free and unlimited! We, as Reifenwerk HEIDENAU, have developed a tire that combines the requirements of all mud enthusiasts and sand lovers with our product and quality standards - the K60 Ranger.

A tire worthy of standing side by side with the legendary K60 Scout! Designed and developed to complete the portfolio of the K60 family in terms of off-road performance, which is impressively demonstrated by the off-road properties:

  • open tire profile provides impressive traction and outstanding self-cleaning on loose surfaces
  • differently arranged profile elements ensures even power transmission and enhanced sideways climbing ability (e.g., in ruts and Single Trails).
  • special support features within the tire walls guarantee a long lasting stable driving behaviour - independent of the surface conditions
  • optimised tire contour allows a A+ off-road handling
  • specially reinforced off-road carcass with high puncture resistance 
  • High level of tread stability off road and excellent
    grip on wet asphalt due to new material combination 
  • characteristic design with high brand awareness

Application: 70% off-road; 30% road

Available in stores from 2022

tire dimensions

110/80 B - 19 M/C 59R TL M+S
120/70 B - 19 M/C 60R TL M+S
130/80 - 17 M/C 65R TL M+S
140/80 - 17 M/C 69R TL M+S
140/80 - 18 M/C 70R TT M+S
150/70 B - 17 M/C 69R TL M+S
150/70 B - 18 M/C 70R TL M+S
170/60 B - 17 M/C 72R TL M+S
90/90 - 21 M/C 54R TL M+S
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